Biomass Controller

TEM – Perfect for pellets or wood

TEM offers boiler manufacturers comfortable, simple solutions which are optimally designed for the respective situation. These tailor made products and the best quality are the prerequisites for an optimal heating system. TEM biomass controllers with integrated burner manager are available in different models. From simple heat distribution of a non-controlled wood oven and the control and monitoring of a combustion process to complex, fully automatic operation of a pellet boiler with automated fuel feed and cleaning functions. Whether simple or complex, common in all controllers is a well thought out concept, an optimized degree of efficiency and high reliability.
MB 6400 OGZ FSK MB 6402 FSK  HR 5851 MB 6400 BMC
SE 6015 OGZ FSK SE 6331 FSK PFA 5520 BMC 0201
Solid Fuel Controller
Solid Fuel Controller
SE 6331 FSK
Pellets/Wood Oven
PFA 5520
Pellets Boiler
BMC 0201
Biomass Controllers